The New Normal: Michael Chuah

22 May 2020 / 17:59 H.

What is your WFH routine like?

“My WFH routine: I wake up at 9am and work from 10am till 8pm. At night, I will study or do a Facebook live or continue to work until 11pm.”

How does it differ from working in the office?

“Overall it’s the same, the only thing is that you don’t need to travel to meet the client. Everything is done through emails, voice messages, and online meetings. It saves me a lot on petrol and parking. But, the disadvantage is you need to standby 24/7 for clients.”

Do you have a designated area in your home that functions as a workspace/home office?

“Yes, there is a room that I use the most, more than my bed for sleeping.”

Does it give you a better work-life balance?

“I think not. My work time is extended during the MCO. But, my work is also something that I love to do. You can say I play while I work. Even though it is a source of pressure, I still enjoyed it.”

Has spending time at home given you the opportunity to pick up new hobbies/interest?

“Yes, I created my own youtube channel, I do webinars, and I do Facebook live with fellow artists from all over the world. I do it mainly to keep in touch with them, and to practise my presentation skills.”

Once the MCO period is over, is there a possibility of continuing to WFH for you and your team?

Most probably yes, it saves a lot in cost. However, we still miss that social setting, of someone sitting beside you whom you can just turn around and talk to.”

Michael Chuah, character designer, comic artist, and co-founder of Hebatoys

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