Timeless blocks of happiness

Perpetuate the memory of precious moments by preserving blooms from the occasion

21 Apr 2021 / 11:26 H.

FLOWERS always make people feel better, happier and more helpful. They are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul, according to American botanist Luther Burbank.

While flowers are symbols of love and affection when given to loved ones, they also serve as reminders of special occasions.

Although a bouquet of flowers is lovely, it does not last forever. Wedding bouquets, especially, will wilt within days.

Nur Izza Mohd Ezani, who goes by just Izza, found a unique method to preserve flowers that will make your loved ones smile.

She turns beautiful blooms into gorgeous resin-based flower blocks, resin letters to spell out names or words and even cute paperweights. This new 3D flower preservation method retains the shape, texture, colours and the aesthetics of flowers in their original form.

The flowers are arranged creatively and elegantly inside a block. This style of preservation seems to be a better idea than the old method of pressing the flowers flat or hanging them upside down for days to dry naturally into an unattractive dark brown.

With Izza’s method, the blocks are perfect as display or decor items in homes as they bring back memories of moments in life such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, graduations or other festive occasions.

“Instead of keeping a bouquet for a few days until it dries, why not preserve some of the flowers from the special day as a keepsake, forever?” said Izza, who specialises in flower art and preservation through her business Flowerpaperwork (@flowerpaperwork on Instagram).

“Flower preservation is not new. A potpourri contains preserved flowers, which are dried initially, before turning it into a fragrant potpourri. The method that I have explored is to create flower blocks by preserving flowers in epoxy resin,” said 37-year-old Izza.

The process starts with drying flowers in silica beads.

“After they have dried, I will give one or two options of flower arrangements for my clients to select. Then, I will proceed to preserve the flowers in epoxy resin,“ said Izza, who works as an architect.

The flower arrangements also depend on the type of flowers.

“Mostly, I would work with roses, carnations, hydrangeas and mathiolas. I found they are easy to work with.

“I receive a lot of red roses, especially during Valentine’s Day.”

Many people would send in their wedding bouquets, or flowers from their first Valentine’s Day or anniversary, and request to create a flower block.

“Flower preservation and creating a flower block takes two to three weeks, but the flowers preserved inside the block will last forever.”

Izza recounted a somewhat humorous challenge she once faced when preserving a peony.

“It was challenging
because the peony refused to bloom!”

Apart from flower blocks, Izza also creates colourful coasters, place cards with dried flowers. She also has plans to work with event planners.

“Since the Covid-19 situation seems to be under control, I hope there will be more opportunities for me to explore and introduce Flowerpaperwork to others.

“I hope I can reach out to more brides out there, to let them know that Flowerpaperwork can help preserve their bouquets,” said Izza.

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