Flowers are exquisite but which ones are setting the trend for 2022? Here are some of the year’s top blooms for your bouquets and interior design

FLOWERS are among the most beautiful gifts God has given to mankind. They exude beauty even when they fade, wilt and when its petals fall to the ground. Whether we are happy or sad, flowers are our faithful companions.

They never go out of style. One is never too old or outdated to give flowers. Fresh ones uplift the mood and atmosphere with their sheer beauty and fragrance.

A bouquet or flower arrangement adds colour to a room, and there is always something new in floral designs or flower arrangements.

Just as there are the latest trends in clothes, accessories and or even colours, there is also something called the “flower trend” that not many are aware of.

Flower trends are constantly changing as flower farmers continue to research and create new varieties.

Each year, a fresh variety of flowers with new colours, textures and shapes would be discovered, and the best flowers would be chosen based on features like petal shape, size and colours.

There are also floral design trends. Sometimes, an artistic floral designer picks unusual or uniquely shaped flowers to create a contemporary and stunning flower arrangement, and the new trend would catch on almost immediately.

In the year 2022, it is expected that most people would opt for bright and bold coloured flowers rather than the soft and neutral colours many preferred last year.

So, let’s find out about the prettiest flowers that are trending around the world for you to pick for your room and to gift to your loved ones.

$!Pampas grass are perfect for a modern interior look. – WIKIPEDIA

Dried flowers

Dried flowers are making a comeback after almost five decades. They were in demand in the 1970s and are returning due to factors such as sustainability, affordability, their ability to last longer without water and sunlight and require less maintenance compared with fresh flowers.

Drying flowers dates back to ancient Egypt. They started the process and used it for its medicinal properties and to create perfumes. Dried flowers like lotus, papyrus and others were also found in sarcophaguses with mummies.

Recently, dried flowers have become a trend again after the flower business was hit hard due to the coronavirus. Weddings and events were cancelled, leading to fresh blooms ending up as dried flowers in countries like the United Kingdom.

There are varieties of plants that one could dry – grass, branches, leaves like eucalyptus and seeds that have appealing colours and shapes such as amaranth and Baby’s Breath.

Mixing and matching fresh flowers is also a current trend. In dried flower arrangements, golden-coloured and globe shaped Billy Buttons (craspedia) are beautiful.

The plant, which is native to Australia and New Zealand, has pink, white and yellow varieties.

Another option is pampas grass, which is becoming increasingly popular, especially dyed grass. The fluffy grass plant, which is native to South America, is used in floral designs and matched with fresh and dried flowers to give an entirely new look.

$!Tulips symbolise joy. – 123RF


The tulip is said to be the best flower of the year as it is the first sign of spring and represents new life, joy, hope and happiness. The flower was selected as it resonates with the current situation where most countries are opening up and slowly returning to normal.

Tulips are vibrant in colour and each has its own meaning – red evokes love or passion, yellow for happiness or cheerfulness, purple is the colour of royalty and elegance, white represents purity, and pink is for good luck and well wishes. Although countries like the Netherlands are famous for their tulips, the flower actually originated from Central Asia.

The words “tulipan” or “tulipa” originated from the Persian language, and mean “turban.” The tulip was adored by a sultan in the Ottoman Empire, who held parties whenever it bloomed. It was brought to the Netherlands by a botanist named Carolus Clusius.

The bloom caused a frenzy in the 16th century, leading to high market prices in the Netherlands, known as “Tulip Mania”, which ended when the price crashed in 1637.

$!Ranunculus are popular for wedding bouquets. – 123RF


Ranunculus, also known as buttercup or Persian Buttercup, is becoming a popular choice for wedding bouquets around the world for its beautiful paper-thin petals and magnificent colours. The beautiful bloom comes in a range of colours like cream, pale yellow, apricot, pink, orange, red and burgundy.

It is one of the prettiest flowers, looks elegant and resembles a rose, or some say peony, due to its multi-layered petals. The name came from Latin words “Rana”, that means “frog” and “unculus”, meaning “little plant”, and together it meant “little frogs”, as the plant grows abundantly near water or streams. It originated in Central Asia.

$!Roses - the Queen of Garden. For centuries, people have been fascinated by this beauty. – AFP


From classic English roses to new varieties, roses (also called the Queen of the Garden) are the most beautiful of flowers and has the sweetest fragrance. There is a wide range of varieties, textures, and colours, and flower farmers keep growing new roses that are prettier, full of fragrance and have dazzling colours.

There are different types of bloom form and petal count in roses – cupped, rosette shape, high centre, globular and many others. But this year, unconventional colours like chocolate, brown, coffee tones and sandy colours are in trend.

Then, there are flowers with two combined shades. For example, the tip of the petal and the interior part have different shades like blush or dusty shades. It is trendy to choose big-sized roses and never-seen-before colour combinations.