A new way of seeing and tasting

15 Aug 2019 / 10:42 H.

ZOUK Group, owner of Asia’s best nightclub brand Zouk, has decided on Resorts World Genting (RWG) as the launch pad for its first-ever vibe dining restaurant, FUHU Restaurant & Bar.

A new concept by Zouk Group, FUHU is a unique dining experience that offers contemporary Chinese cuisine by Michelin-starred Hong Kong chef Alvin Leung, served with exciting twists in a fun and lively atmosphere.

Seating up to 150 diners, the 8,000 sq ft space within the experiential thoroughfare of RWG’s SkyAvenue takes experiential dining to a heightened sensory level.

Meaning ‘lucky tiger’ in Mandarin, FUHU is the coalescence of dining, music and nightlife with a chinoiserie decor that plays on elements found in traditional Chinese apothecaries, juxtaposed against a garden of wonder brought to life by artful lighting and pop art graffiti.

Zouk Group’s partnership with chef Alvin Leung comes to fruition in a menu of unique yet nostalgic creations that fuses the east and west, reimagining Asian flavours with a modern spin on classic fare.

The menu at FUHU is a delight to the senses with Leung’s special dash of je ne sais quoi; every dish thoughtfully created to reflect both innovation and tradition in the ingredients chosen, style of cooking, and presentation.

“FUHU is about fun; a spin-off of what the Zouk brand stands for,” said Leung.

“Dining at FUHU is the beginning of a great night out – this is where the fun starts, with dishes that are modern, yet homely and comfortable, distinctly Asian, but with a touch of western flair.”

The food at FUHU is as picture-worthy as it is delectable. The menu at FUHU lends to both multiple rounds of grazing, or full-blown Chinese meals, complete with rice and dishes – all presented in high style.

The culinary mastermind also pays homage to different Asian influences in his menu, fusing dishes and flavours from around the world.

Signature dishes on the menu includes the FUHU Roasted Duck, complete with truffle morel sauce as the choice accompaniment, Aromatic Crispy Duck, Boston Lobster Noodle with ginger slice and white spring onion, Signature Hot & Sour Lobster Soup, The Generals Fried Chicken and Duck Essence Porridge.

Helming the bar is chief mixologist Saam Pranill, with over 20 years of experience creating cocktails at top bars across Asia.

Pranill curated FUHU’s cocktail menu with its Chinese origins in mind, using Asian ingredients and presented in traditional methods. The entire cocktail menu has a unique vessel for each drink, hand-picked from different Southeast Asian antique stores, guaranteeing an experience that is steeped in Asian roots.

A signature cocktail is Drunken Tiger, made using gin, campari, and martini rosso, and Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa garnished with orange zest, presented in a dry gourd.

Fu Tong, a vodka, midori, calamansi lime juice, jasmine tea and puffed rice mix is also presented in a traditional herb container.

Another signature cocktail, The Reunion, comes in a Chinese tea set, containing a concoction of bourbon, honey, calamansi lime, cinnamon, orange, hot water and hongzao (red dates).

FUHU Restaurant & Bar operates from Monday to Sunday, from 6pm to 1am.

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