Achieve breakfast god status with perfect scrambled eggs

04 Jan 2019 / 13:46 H.

Really good scrambled eggs are a revelation, with perfectly fluffy curds that remind you of those pictures of cherubs on clouds. Throw some freshly shaved truffle on those bad boys, or maybe some baby shrimps, and congratulations, you are now a breakfast god.

The thing is, scrambled eggs are really easy to make. All you need is fresh eggs, milk or water, and salt. “The salt is important,“ says cookbook author Lea Linster, who prefers a pinch of fleur de sel. Freshly ground black pepper can also be added if that’s your thing.

The determining factor between good and bad scrambled eggs is the quality of the star ingredient. “It’s easy to test whether an egg is really fresh,“ says Iris Lange-Fricke, who heads a recipe publishing house in Germany: Take a glass, fill with water and place an egg in.

If the egg stays on the bottom of the glass, it’s fresh. If it slowly rises to the top - it’s a bit older. And if the egg never sinks to the bottom of the glass in the first place, you should toss it away.

To make scrambled eggs, said eggs must at some point get scrambled. The best device for doing so is a whisk, says Richard Beck, who teaches cooking and is vice president of a German chef association. A fork can also work. “Compared with a whisk, using a fork takes longer until a homogenous egg mixture forms,“ says Beck.

Once the eggs are whisked, your liquid of choice can be added - for example, milk or cream. “The latter gives more taste to the eggs,“ says Lange-Fricke. Those looking to save on calories can use just water, or no liquid at all: “Simply put the salted and whisked eggs in a pan that was preheated with some melted butter,“ says Linster.

As soon as the eggs are in the pan, they should start to thicken at medium heat. To ensure that they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan, use a spatula to carefully push them around. The eggs are ready to eat once they are completely set but still a little creamy.

“Add some freshly chopped chives shortly before the eggs are done cooking to further elevate the flavour,“ recommends Linster. - dpa

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