Chicken-struck at first bite

13 Feb 2020 / 10:43 H.

THE creative minds within the food industry have been able to develop all sorts of meat patties, ranging from beef, chicken, fish and lamb, and these days, there is even a vegetarian option.

For the whole month of February, expect to be spoiled with more choices from myBurgerLab. The local burger chain, first opened in 2012, is bringing back two of its chicken burgers for a limited time only.

For the first half of the month, myBurgerLab is offering four chicken patties – yes four – in one burger! Instead of its familiar bamboo charcoal bun, the chicken patties serve as a bun substitute.

Sandwiched between are fries, creamy chicken pate, cheddar cheese, tangy ‘Damn Good Sauce’, and hot Sriracha sauce to tickle your taste buds.

And voila! You have the Ultimate Double Down burger, which is available until Feb 16.

When you take the first bite of the burger, the taste that stands out the most is that of the fried chicken patties, which are made of breast meat, along with the fries and cheese. If you are a white meat lover, you will enjoy this.

You don’t have to order a side of fries as they are already in the burger itself.

However, as a fan of juicy burgers, this burger lacks the juicy factor. I had the opportunity to ask Cavin Lee, the brand’s communication and marketing executive, on why they decided to use the breast part of the chicken instead of the thigh part.

He explained that the breast part keeps the burger intact, whereas the thigh part is a softer meat and is not able to do so.

Then, from Feb 17 up to Mar 1, the Chicken & Egg Dilemma burger is returning for a limited time due to popular demand.

A burger that spoils you with two chicken patties instead of one, fried and topped with cheddar cheese as well as creamy bonito flakes infused egg salad, sliced tomatoes, and crisp green lettuce.

If I had to pick between the Ultimate Double Down burger or the Chicken & Egg Dilemma burger, I would prefer the latter because the egg salad enhanced the taste of the burger. The only thing that I was not a fan of were the raisins in the egg salad. Anyhow, this is a personal preference.

For chicken burger fans out there, you can drop by any myBurgerLab to give these burgers a try!

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