MALAYSIA’S latest quick service food brand Pop Meals opened a concept store at D’Pulze Mall in Cyberjaya recently and its signature Mac & Cheese became an instant hit for both lunch and dinner crowds.

With meals at under RM15 each, Pop Meals has quickly proven to be a hit with shoppers as the offerings range from local to Western food which have become the “comfort” food of Malaysians.

“Pop Meals is all about the excitement for food. Our team works relentlessly to identify the most popular meals in Malaysia and offers them at our outlets. Customers can dine-in, get take away or order delivery through our own mobile app,” said communications manager Nurul Jamaludin.

In the app, customers can leave suggestions for new menu items that are then developed by the in-house food development team and launched in the outlets.

Nurul said that Pop Meals was blending customer suggestions and order data to continuously innovate on its menu and showcase it through its “Top Hits” charts.

“This ensures that the menu is always evergreen and exciting. While most restaurants only launch new menu items once a year or so, we are bringing new exciting meals to our menu every other week.

“We’ll rapidly open more concept stores in Klang Valley and later in other states” she added.

Pop Meals plans to go nation-wide in 2021 and afterwards regionally in Southeast Asia.