Cooking up a storm

27 Jun 2019 / 11:01 H.

IN conjunction with the launch of Philips’ Premium All-In-One Multi Cooker and Airfyer XXL recently, Chef Marina Mustafa gave a cooking demonstration where she prepared five dishes, namely Lodeh, Seri Kaya Bakar, Lontong Daun Pisang, Rendang Tok and Ayam Percik.

She shared: “Cooking is my passion. Being able to share my favourite dishes with everyone is definitely heartwarming.”

After a brief introduction, she immediately put the Premium All-In-One Multi Cooker to work, fully utilising the intelligent cooking appliance.

Even with her knowledge of food, Chef Marina took advantage of the smart cooker, as it is smart enough to do all the cooking using any of its nine pre-set menus.

She also demonstrated Philips Airfryer XXL’s capabilities to prepare the dishes. As the brand’s largest and most powerful airfryer of its line, it has the size and power to cook a whole chicken, or quickly crisp up to two bags of fries in one sitting.

Chef Marina’s cooking session was like a rapid-fire cooking demonstration, where she prepared one dish after another with no pauses in between so that she could serve the food in time to the eagerly waiting audience.

Chef Marina’s Ayam Percik


4 whole chicken thighs

2 large onion, blended

1-inch ginger, blended

5 cloves of garlic, blended

3 lemongrass, blended

2-inch galangal blended

1-inch turmeric root, blended

½ cup chilli paste

1 cup of coconut milk

½ cup grated palm sugar

2 tamarind skin

2 tsp salt

½ cup of sliced cilantro


1. Press ‘Sear High Temp’ and ‘Start’ on the Premium All-In-One Multi Cooker and heat the oil.

2. Saute the blended ingredients and chilli paste.

3. Once fragrant and the oil separates, put in the chicken thighs and coat the chicken thoroughly.

4. Put all the coconut milk, palm sugar, tamarind skin and season with salt. Mix until combined.

5. Close the lid and turn the valve towards the ‘Lock’ position.

6. Cook on ‘Meat/Poultry’ for 15 mins. Press ‘Start’.

7. Close the lid and turn towards ‘Lock’.

8. When the light flicks at ‘Keep Warm’, open the lid.

9. Remove the chicken thighs from the Multi Cooker and place it directly into the Airfryer XXL.

10. Bake the Ayam Percik at 200°C for 15 mins.

11. In the meantime, press the ‘Sauce Thickening’ mode on the Multi Cooker.

12. Once the sauce is thick, serve the sauce over the baked Ayam Percik with white rice.

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