Enjoy the cool burst of onde onde

30 May 2019 / 10:32 H.

ASIA is well-known as the home to a rich diversity of unique food cultures.

King’s Potong pays homage to its Asian heritage with its latest introduction of King’s Potong Signature Onde Onde (pronounced ‘own-day own-day’).

Fans of potong ice cream can now savour this treat, so well loved that its recipe has travelled across countries and cultures, and found its place in folk songs which pay homage to this mouth-watering treat.

From Java, across the Malay Archipelago, it inspired the Peranakan community to adopt it and also ended up in the Netherlands when Indonesian immigrants moved there in the 1950s.

Today onde onde is enjoyed in Asian restaurants and supermarkets far and wide and away from its birthplace.

Onde onde are petite glutinous rice balls filled with gula melaka and rolled in fresh grated coconut. This delightful combination melts into an explosive and delicious burst of flavours in the mouth.

King’s Potong introduction of a cool twist to this classic Asian dessert is made of Coconut and Pandan flavoured ice confection with Gula Melaka flavoured filling and Grated Coconut. Nothing short of delightful!

King’s Potong Signature Onde Onde ice cream is available at leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and selected convenience stores now.

It is priced at RM2 a stick (60ml) or RM11 for a box of six sticks.

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