Feast to savour

01 Oct 2020 / 09:06 H.

What better way to prepare yourself for the upcoming Festival of Lights, than to indulge in some spicy, rich, and flavourful Indian dishes for an early celebration?

Look no further Malaysians, as The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS) is back with another tantalising Deepavali menu from Sept 21 – Nov 15 to satiate those cravings!

Bringing the excitement of Deepavali earlier, TCRS is offering a delicious feast of ‘Flaming Koli’ that families and friends can savour and indulge together.

Inspired by the aromas of Indian cuisine, TCRS puts in careful consideration to recreate and replicate the flavourful dish in this exclusive Deepavali menu. Made with a touch of Indian spices blended together to tantalise the taste buds of Malaysians, the ‘Flaming Koli’ will leave you yearning for more.

June Song, Head of Marketing of TCRS Restaurants Sdn Bhd shared that while many among us may not have the time to spare when it comes to cooking, nevertheless we still look forward to the comfort of home-cooked food especially when it’s during festive season.

“Deepavali is a time of giving, sharing with our loved ones and is a celebration filled with happiness, hence TCRS is eager to start the Deepavali celebrations sooner by providing a special Deepavali dish for all to relish in,” said June.

“We know it can be a hassle to find the right spices and getting the right measurements when cooking Indian cuisine, as such we strive to ensure that everyone can now dine-in, sit back and enjoy their meal at their own comfort.

We hope that this dish will tantalised many palates and will evoke beautiful memories for all.”

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