Make your own sushi

06 Feb 2020 / 10:18 H.

SUSHI lovers, rejoice! There is a new and exciting way to get your sushi fix. Elevate your sushi-eating experience with the unique Make Your Own Sushi platter – a fresh yet playful take on sushi dining that aims to present delicious Japanese traditional cuisine with a fun twist.

It is now available at Umai Sushikan, an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant strategically located within J’s Gate Dining at Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Bukit Bintang.

The platter is more than just an opportunity to customise your food, but rather, an experience steeped in Japanese tradition, to promote kinship and togetherness.

Taking cues from the Japanese concept of ‘Itadakimasu’ (let’s eat), think of the platter as a contemporary form of taking a moment to give thanks to every single hand involved in the preparation before you, including yourself!

You are encouraged to unleash your creativity whilst savouring the true taste of Japan through the sharing of good times and great food.

Perfect for those who want to practise their sushi making skills, or simply to enjoy consuming traditional Japanese cuisine, Umai Sushikan’s Make Your Own Sushi platter is carefully curated with the freshest ingredients to help you get started on your sushi-making journey!

Each platter is equipped with ingredients that will help you make a variety of sushi, be it nigiri, gunkan or temaki. Available as a single platter for each member of the party, or as a large platter to be shared by all, the experience at Umai Sushikan is both flexible and affordable, one that meets the demands of today’s discerning customers.

There are also two options of platters to choose from – original, and vegetarian. The original platter comes with air flown maguro (bluefin tuna), salmon, crab fish cake, fish roe, egg and cucumber whilst the vegetarian platter offers dried gourd, inari (friend tofu bean pouch), cucumber, avocado and eggs.

Both options include the base of your sushi, which consists of grade-A Haenuki brand rice and high quality Ariake seaweed.

To round up the platter, miso soup and an array of sauces, namely ponzu, Japanese mayonnaise and sesame are added as complementary items, allowing you to customise according to your taste buds.

For those with bigger appetites, there are 14 additional toppings to brighten up your sushi experience, such as cream cheese, tuna mayo, sea bream and sea urchin, to name a few.

The Make Your Own Sushi platter can be ordered based on a single portion. However, up to ten portions may be added on a big platter for sharing.

The price is RM38 per person for the original option and RM28 per person for the vegetarian option. Rice and seaweed can be refilled at RM8 per serving, while the 14 additional toppings range between RM5 to RM30 per serving.

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