Pepsi® is leading the way in festive beverages this holiday

21 Dec 2018 / 15:42 H.

This holiday, Pepsi® is leading with a delicious variety of beverages with max taste and no sugar that are perfect for New Year celebrations. Pepsi Black and new Pepsi Black Vanilla deliver bold taste minus the calories and sugar and make for a great drink to serve if you are planning to entertain this holiday season.

To help with the party preparation, Pepsi recommends three festive treats that are sure to add some pop to your year-end celebrations.

1. Pepsi Floats

Adding ice-cream to a Pepsi Black makes for a fun treat. For a lower-fat treat, ice-cream can be substituted with low-fat frozen yoghurt. This is also a great way to play with flavours. We recommend chocolate ice-cream with Pepsi Black or try cherry yoghurt with Pepsi Black Vanilla for a fruity and sweet treat sure to delight your guests.

2. Pepsi Black or Pepsi Black Vanilla Popsicles

A popsicle is a refreshing way to enjoy Pepsi Black or Pepsi Black Vanilla that’s perfect for our tropical weather. Simply pour Pepsi Black or Pepsi Black Vanilla into several ice cube trays and dip a popsicle stick into each cube before placing back into a freezer. Remove the popsicles from each tray and store in a freezer bag until you’re ready to serve or to enjoy at home on a hot day.

3. Slushies

The slushy takes a little more effort but it makes for a great party drink. Pour Pepsi Black onto a baking tray and place it in the freezer. Once it starts to freeze, run a fork or knife through the frozen solution and create ice shavings. Do this every 20 minutes until you reach the desired consistency. Alternatively, you can freeze ice cube trays and pop from the frozen Pepsi Black or Pepsi Black Vanilla ice cubes into the blender for the same result. Serve in a fun glass and enjoy!

Pepsi has recently introduced the new Pepsi Black Vanilla, which combines the irresistible cola taste of Pepsi Black, with flavour-favorite Vanilla to deliver maximum taste and refreshment. Pepsi Black Vanilla joins an already exciting lineup of Pepsi beverages to enjoy this holiday season.

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