Promoting Malaysian delicacies with local entrepreneurs

18 Jul 2019 / 10:21 H.

IN SUPPORT of local entrepreneurs and their mouth-watering businesses, recently hosted #MasakMasakMudah, a Raya-inspired cooking class held in conjunction with the festive season.

To facilitate the cooking class, partnered with two local vendors, Maria Sanusi and Dr Noriza Ishak, who are regular users on the platform.

The event is part of’s series of ongoing collaborations with the local community to reinvigorate and spur public

participation in fading local traditions.

During the cooking session, the entrepreneurs, who served as the cooking instructors, revealed the secrets behind two traditional delicacies – the nona manis and ketupat palas.

The forgotten nona manis, a bite-sized steamed pandan-flavoured kuih with a creamy coconut centre, was featured to revive its popularity, while the ketupat palas, distinct from the standard ketupat, was taught to encourage the public to take a hands-on approach to weaving the glutinous diamond-shaped delicacy.

Hosted by Adibah Noor, the cooking class aimed to revive the spirit of preparing home-made traditional Malay delicacies during the festive season.

As a renowned household name with a passion for food, Adibah also shared a few special cooking tips and lent encouraging words during the cooking process.

Gaurav Bhasin, CEO,, commented: “Today, our Masak-Masak Mudah event is not only a Raya celebration. It’s an occasion to showcase our support for local sellers, and to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship.

“We’re particularly proud of vendors on our site, and through events like this, we hope to further encourage local sellers to capitalise on our platform to expand their customer base.”

As part of’s Raya campaign efforts to keep local traditions alive during the festive season, the platform had also conducted a pantun contest called #PantunRayaMudah recently.

The contest was held in collaboration with students from University Technology MARA (UiTM) and was part of’s efforts to actively engage the youth through various on-going campaigns. The winners were announced during the first week of Raya.

To support the local entrepreneurs and their online business, users can visit their ad through the following links: Nona Manis (@Kak Saba) and Ketupat Palas (@Noriza Ishak).

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