The best of both worlds

02 May 2019 / 10:44 H.

THERE is a new cafe in town! One that would certainly appeal to all ardent food lovers and coffee connoisseurs, with its specialty roasted coffee to pair alongside authentic local and western cuisines.

Feebay.Co has done so well in its Publika and Sunway Nexis’ outlets that the brand owner Azri Jamaludin decided to expand into the city centre at Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur.

Azri hopes to fill in the market gap as many of the third wave cafes that are currently mushrooming tend to focus solely on fusion food and pastries with coffee.

Therefore, Feebay.Co strives to bring the best of both worlds, rather than cooking up another run-of-the-mill fusion cuisine that compromises on its quality, resulting in a loss of respective flavour profiles.

He shares: “We serve classic and traditional food like nasi lemak, lempeng pisang and nasi ikan patin, which we believe can be easily appreciated and highly sought after by the urban market.”

A quick flip through the extensive menu full of straight-to-the-point, tantalising food visuals will give you an idea of what to order; just pick any dishes because rest assured that you won’t be disappointed in your meal.

Some of the signature dishes include Thai-inspired cuisine such as Chao Praya - deep-fried barramundi fillet fish served with toasted focaccia bread and spicy kerabu apple salad; and the Canadian-inspired dish - Mariposa Ave is made of baked crusted chicken breast stuffed with seasoned garlic butter filling, served with broccoli mashed potato, arugula salad and drizzled with Feebay’s signature sauce.

Fan-favourite dish such as the Nasi Ikan Patin Tempoyak also known as silver catfish, is served with the distinctive taste of tempoyak gravy that packs a punch upon the first bite.

However, the tenderness of the fish blends well with the tanginess of the gravy with its understated spiciness but the dish might only appeal to those with an acquired taste.

Equal attention is also given to their wide selection of drinks menu which comprises pour-over and espresso-based coffee, nitro cold brew, artisanal chocolate and green tea, freshly pressed juices, as well as its latest addition - kombucha tea available in two flavours: ginger oolong and mango.

What’s unique about Feebay isn’t just its sumptuous delectables, but also its ambience and thoughtful cafe settings that prioritise customer convenience in favour of positive community engagement and experience.

Take the standalone beverage bar located right at the entrance of the cafe for example, customers are able to order, pay and collect their beverage without having to enter the premises.

Azri explains: “The idea is to put the baristas as front liners, encouraging casual conversation exchanging knowledge on specialty coffee. Hence, the design follows where the bar is deliberately located at the front of the cafe.”

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