The perfect combination

20 Feb 2020 / 10:03 H.

BUBBLE tea chain The Alley recently launched a new Slim Slim Yogurt Series at the One City Tuo Fei Lun Premium Business Lounge in Subang Jaya. The new yogurt series comes with the smooth combination of yogurt with purple rice, with a focus on health consciousness.

Each hand-made cup is made with the concepts of comfort, fat reduction and good taste in mind.

The Alley’s Slim Slim Yogurt Series is made of natural, high-quality, probiotic yogurt and purple rice. Nutritious and protein-rich, purple rice is renowned for its benefits to the immune system and detoxifying properties.

Both the yogurt and purple rice used in the light yogurt series are carefully selected and prepared to ensure the perfect combination of flavours and textures.

Three new products (Original Purple Rice Yogurt, Matcha Purple Rice Yogurt, Peach Oolong Purple Rice Yogurt) and a new customisable beverage concept are launched under the new beverage series.

Original flavour yogurt is used as the base and mixed with well-cooked mellow purple rice in the Original Purple Rice Yogurt, the grainy chewy purple rice and yogurt aroma blended together to offer a multi-layered flavour that is appetising and fulfilling.

The Original Purple Rice Yogurt features original flavour yogurt coupled with mellow purple rice.

The smoothness of the yogurt and the grainy, chewy, purple rice results in a complex, layered mouth feel that is appetizing and fulfilling.

The Matcha Purple Rice Yogurt elevates the yogurt with the addition of high-quality matcha powder.

Made from finely-ground, powdered tea leaves, matcha powder contains natural L-theanine which improves concentration and memory.

Rich and luscious, the refreshing combination of matcha, purple rice and yogurt promises a hint of spring breeze and summer green, perfect for green tea lovers.

Meanwhile, the Peach Oolong Purple Rice Yogurt enriches with the addition of Peach Oolong Tea. The trio of the creamy yogurt, delectable purple rice and aromatic Peach Oolong oozes luxury.

The Alley Malaysia chief executive officer Ng Ching Wai (far left) said that as more people become conscious about eating healthy food and living an active lifestyle, yogurt was the first choice of ingredient to base their ‘healthy series’ on.

Ng told theSun: “What differentiates us from other beverages (in the market) is the ingredients which we choose to use in our drinks. We use fresh yogurt instead of powdered yogurt.

“We are using yogurt to influence (or encourage) others to become healthier. We are trying to focus on health and lifestyle.”

Also present at the launch was The Alley’s chief financial officer Goh Pei San (left).

Along with the three primary beverages, a new ‘Create your Own Yogurt’ concept allows customers to customise their own yogurt beverage by selecting their own preferred ingredients to mix-and-match their own personal cup.

The new Slim Slim Yogurt Series is set to be a popular choice at The Alley, and will be available at 14 branches across Malaysia, namely De Garden, Bukit Tinggi, Aman Suria, Connaught, Arkadia, Kota Laksamana, Sutera Utama, SS15, Sarawak, Mount Austin, Icon City, Aman Central, Sri Petaling and Taipan.

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