Accept situations calmly

24 Jun 2019 / 11:06 H.


    WORRYING has become second nature to human beings today. Whenever things do not go the way we want or expect, we start worrying about the consequences.

    Worry is preceded by fear of untoward happenings. Take a simple case: Suppose you have to go to another town by train for important work.

    While on the way to the railway station, the taxi gets stuck in a traffic jam. As the clock ticks away, you start fearing that you will miss the train.

    Then you start worrying about the financial loss and problems that will result if you miss the train and that important work is not done. You may even get irritated, angry or frustrated, and start cursing the taxi driver for getting you into the jam, or the traffic police for not clearing it up.

    But what does all this achieve? Does worrying get us any faster out of a traffic jam, or help us catch a train? If you are in a difficult situation and you can do something about it, it is better to act than worry. But there are situations in life where you cannot do anything.

    If you learn to calmly accept such situations, you would save yourself lot of mental agony and waste of time and energy.

    Accepting situations in life calmly is not resignation. It requires knowledge of the real nature of this world and all that is happening in it.

    This world is like a vast stage upon which all of us are actors playing our various parts. Each actor has a distinct role.

    If we learn to look at what is happening in this world as a spectator watching a drama, we would not be affected so much by events in the world and in our lives.

    Bridget Menezes is the author of Second Edition of Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Counsellor.

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