How much time is left?

“What we have to focus on is to think, see, speak and do only that which is good and positive.”

10 Jun 2019 / 10:34 H.


    IN this physical world there is nothing that escapes the effect of time. The invisible and mysterious hands of time direct every movement of matter and spirit. Almost all humans have become slaves of time.

    Looking at all the phenomenal changes that are occurring - global warming, political unrest, economic imbalance and crumbling down of age-old values and institutions as well as amazing technological advancement, information explosion and a surge in spiritual awareness, it is anybody’s guess that we are standing on the brink of a huge transition from the old to the new.

    A lot of people wonder whether the world will end or change for the better, and if so, when. There’ve been many predictions made about this and the end of the world. Time is relative to human consciousness. As human souls evolve, time also changes accordingly. We talk of good times and bad times but it is human actions - good or bad - that bring about good or bad times.

    It is certain that the world is changing and in a big way. The predicted end and a new beginning of our world depends on how sooner or later we change our consciousness, attitudes and actions.

    It is evident that change is gathering momentum day by day. But instead of worrying about time and the fate of the world, we have to trust that everything is happening for the greater good according to the divine plan. Our last moment can come any time.

    We have to believe in the innate goodness of all human beings and help them manifest that by being a good example. If we do that, time will automatically change for good and usher in a new world.

    Bridget Menezes is the author of Second Edition of Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Counsellor.

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