Mastering every thought

13 Jul 2020 / 09:56 H.


    In contemplation, there is a stream of thoughts based on an understanding of the self.

    It does not matter how fast the thoughts flow, so long as they are moving. If they wander, gently bring them back. In time they will slow down, and you will be able to savour them. They flow from the eternal empowering qualities of peace, love, truth and happiness within the self.

    The deepest, most empowering form of contemplation is that which focuses on the self as spirit and not as a physical entity.

    The self is experienced as a powerful source of energy. In this gentle but self-illuminating focus, we can truly experience ourselves and become the master of every thought and action. Our inner peace radiates from deep within through everything we do and say, permeating all our interactions.

    Contemplation at this level expands and maintains self-awareness, and restores self-mastery. It creates a peaceful and loving mind, reaches the still, silent core of the self, and opens that silence to Divine power, to be touched, taught and transformed.

    Bridget Menezes is the author of Second Edition of Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Counsellor. Readers can email her at

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