Purchase and Upgrade Your Hearing Aid

20 Jan 2020 / 10:53 H.

WITH lion dances and fireworks, Chinese New Year celebrations can be a loud affair. However, this auspicious event is also a time for reunions, where the young and old get together. Also nothing brings people closer together than a simple conversation.

Unfortunately, hearing loss is a natural part of the ageing process. Understanding the importance of auditory senses, 20dB Hearing, the largest providers of hearing care and hearing aids in Malaysia, is offering people the gift of sound aural health.

“There are 24 20dB Hearing outlets nationwide including in the East Coast and in East Malaysia. Further, we have more than 40 qualified and experienced audiologists, each of the outlets are well-managed by at least one audiologist,” says Abby Ho, an audiologist at 20dB Hearing.

20dB Hearing provides hearing test which is performed by an audiologist.

Ho explained, “Customers can come to one of our outlets and request the test. An audiologist is a healthcare professional specialising in identifying, diagnosing, treating and monitoring hearing impairment. We have to ensure they get the suitable hearing aid to be fitted,” she added.

During this Chinese New Year season, 20dB is offering an upgrade to the next technology level at the fixed price of RM20 for one piece when the client purchases a new pair of Unitron Moxi Jump R hearing aids.

The features of the higher technology level of Moxi Jump R are reflected in the types of environments for which the hearing aid is optimised.

For example, at the primary level, also known as Discover 3, the hearing aid is optimised for conversations in quiet and loud environments. At the highest level, Discover 9, the hearing aid can enhance conversation and sound binaurally even in big crowds or noisy situations.

There are four levels in all: Discover 3, Discover 5, Discover 7, Discover 9.

Ho stated: “The Moxi Jump R series is the latest model from one of the most popular hearing aid manufacturer - Unitron. The hearing aids are among the few hearing aid brands that can be compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth, and support binaural media streaming with clear sound.”

For more information about 20dB Hearing offers and services, call 1800 88 2032, send a message through WhatsApp/WeChat to 012-942 7729, visit, or 20dB Hearing’s Facebook page now.

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