Qualities of a good leader

06 Mar 2020 / 16:27 H.


A good leader is one whom people never forget because of his or her qualities of peace, love and humility. Everyone feels that such a leader belongs to them, and the leader feels that they belong to him as well.

What is it that makes one a natural and effective leader? The first priority is self-change and personal example. There is nothing that the leader says that he has not already done.

He does not just say that he does, but actually does it. He does not think of himself as being better than others, but sees the best and highest in others at all times and draws the best out of them.

He does not need to compete or strive for the top rank. He employs the principles of love and respect in his dealings and interaction with others.

And so, he automatically wins people’s love and respect. He moves with the gathering and not against it.

An efficient leader lets others learn from their mistakes.

Creating a workplace in which workers are encouraged to report their mistakes without fear or reprimand not only improves the atmosphere, but also enables workers to pool their experiences so that everyone can learn from each other’s misjudgments. This results in a more efficient workplace.

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