A REAL assessment of the self should best be done in silence.

Silence means allowing the mind to stop the traffic jam of thoughts and to reflect.

From time to time, we should stop and examine how to deal with people, how to understand why things happen like they do, the purpose of life and our own divinity.

In silence, we slow down our thoughts and inject quality into our thinking which will then be reflected in our words and actions.

With a little, we can do a lot. A few words of quality can do more than a lecture. With a few thoughts rather than many, we can offer a solution.

When we are worried, we have many thoughts. Do solutions come with worry? Solutions are often overlooked in the fast-flowing thoughts of a worried mind.

Probably the most positive thought we can think of is ‘I am peace’ and that peace is a resource within me. Peace means balance, harmony and contentment.

Some people think that it is only by leaving their families and other social responsibilities, and isolating themselves that they would be able to free themselves from worry and sorrow.

What one has to do is to turn inwards, that is, be introverted. This spiritual endeavour is needed.

When one turns inwards, one is able to accumulate the spiritual energy with which to live in this world free from fear.

Bridget Menezes is the author of Second Edition of Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Counsellor. Readers can email her at