Treat everyone with respect


Once, somebody described Buddha as a great person. But Buddha’s response was: “The man who calls me great must be greater, for only such a man is competent to assess someone who is not so great.”

Gandhiji, the very embodiment of humility humorously evaded all questions relating to his greatness. When asked by an admiring foreigner what the word ‘Mahatma’ meant, Gandhiji said: “An insignificant being,” whereas it actually means ‘a great soul’.

And when asked: “Why do people call you ‘Bapu’ (Father)?”, he said with a childlike smile: “Just because I have grown old.”

Great men always treat everyone, young and old, with respect. They carry out numerous tasks for the benefit of mankind, hardly thinking of themselves.

Even when they are praised, they show no trace of pride or arrogance, but only consider themselves as instruments of God. They are also trustees in the service of mankind.

Some inspiring lines in Urdu speak aptly about the virtue of humility, which mean: Efface yourself if you want some position. It is only after mingling with dust that a seed blossoms.

Bridget Menezes is the author of Second Edition of Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Counsellor. Readers may email her at