A luminous celebration

23 May 2019 / 14:07 H.

GLISTEN and glow this Hari Raya with Poh Kong’s special gifts of timeless beauty that add a touch of classy elegance. For oneself or loved one, here are some alluring jewellery masterpieces crafted with delicate care and creative finesse, created to add that special touch to your festive wardrobe.

Draw inspiration from these meticulously designed gems, all must-have’s in your precious cache of jewels. Heading the lineup are trinkets and treasures from Poh Kong’s Alamanda Collection, Karya Anggun Collection and Manja Collection.


Allamanda is a genius of flowering plants and represents loyalty. The tropical bloom comes in shades of mostly bright yellow, sometimes purple, and has large, showy, funnel-shaped petals. It is fondly known as the “golden trumpet”.

Similarly, Poh Kong’s Alamanda Collection is reflective of this fascinating flower that commands attention. See it expressed in a splendid floral mesh bracelet, more stunning when beautifully paired with the matching long necklace. These embellishments up your style and draw the spotlight sparkling in 916/22K yellow gold. For a more subtle, yet brilliant look, don a set of gold rings and necklace that also bear Alamanda’s floral motifs but exude a delicate simplicity, charm and grace.


Accentuate your style with a piece or two from Poh Kong’s Karya Anggun Collection. New in this collection are bracelet charms and earrings of delightful designs reminiscent of sweet holiday memories back in the kampung.

There’s the classic and elegant gold-clasp bracelet that comes with endearing charms bearing the iconic wau bulan, a bullock-cart and an intricate pattern of a leaf. Indulge in more favourite charm designs that include cookies with icing, even traditional kuih-muih, or opt for earrings that dangle with the tiny trishaw, wau bulan or ketupat form; classic representations for this festive occasion that’ll boost your form and fashion.


Precious little ones can up their style too with Poh Kong’s Manja Collection. This specially designed-for-children Raya edition offers a ring, necklace and pair of earrings that carry the Alamanda-themed floral motifs.

Whether to dress little missy in harmonious Aidilfitri style or make a gift to a special little one, this jewellery set in yellow gold will bring joy and delight to any fashion conscious little lady.

Fashionistas and the ultra chic and sophisticated would agree that no matter how well put together the outfit, jewellery and accessories do wonders to polish and complete the look. For more information and store locations, visit Poh Kong’s official website at

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