UTAR MRED charts a way forward for the real estate industry

Building for the future

THE real estate industry has grown exponentially over the past few years. It is a lucrative industry and continues to expand, requiring more highly skilled professionals than ever before. If one wants to succeed in the industry, earning a master’s degree in real estate is a crucial investment and a great way to get started.

“Real estate development is essential in such a way that it provides the basic needs – accommodation to fulfil our habitat needs, while also providing spaces for economic activities that serve as an important pillar to the nation’s building. In other words, as long as there is mankind and economic activities, demand for spaces will be there, and this will further stimulate the real estate development activities,” said UTAR Head of Programme for Master of Business Administration (Building Management) and Master of Real Estate Development Dr Chin Hon Choong.

Undoubtedly, there is a high demand for qualified professionals and diverse career opportunities in the real estate industry. To meet this demand, UTAR provides a master’s degree programme for students and professionals to improve themselves in the field of real estate by upgrading their academic qualifications, skills and practices. The master’s degree programme, namely the Master of Real Estate Development (MRED), addresses the challenges and opportunities facing professionals in the industry.

The programme’s hands-on approach combined with analytical skills would train the students in responding to particular development problems with derived solutions and assist them to assess the feasibility of real estate development and investment.

The students would also be able to learn the intricacies of real estate development from experienced industry players and build a strong professional network in the process. They would be given an opportunity to join the REHDA Malaysia Taskforce in preparing policy papers for issues pertaining to real estate development and the construction sector.

“MRED is a postgraduate programme with integration of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The programme is developed via the collaboration with REHDA Institute. Through this collaboration, well-known industry practitioners and professionals will be invited as guest speakers to share their insights and experiences with the students. Besides networking with the industry captains, students will be exposed to real-time learning and application of knowledge from the sharing by our invited guest speakers,” said Dr Chin.

Since 2018, UTAR has been working closely with REHDA Institute to roll out the MRED programme. The programme has been carefully designed through extensive industry input to equip industry executives, managers and stakeholders with substantial exposure, advanced knowledge and professional skills needed to meet the challenges of this multifaceted industry head-on.

For further information about MRED, please visit ipsr.utar.edu.my/MRED.php.

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