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Inspiring learning experience for MSU postgraduate student

16 Feb 2021 / 10:27 H.

HARD WORK is the only way to succeed in life, said Sruthi Susan George, the President Award recipient at the 26th convocation of Management and Science University (MSU) 2020.

The award is well-deserved for Sruthi, who portrayed a vibrant personality throughout her studies at MSU, and excelled in both academics and co-curricular activities.

As an MSU star student, she was also a recipient of the Dean List’s Award eight times and four times for the President List’s Award during her three-year undergraduate studies.

Sruthi is an international student from Kerala, India who was raised in Malaysia from a very young age.

She says she is an extrovert and is passionate about engaging with people as she believes it teaches her to be a light-hearted person.

Now an alumnus, Sruthi was a student of Bachelor in Investment Management, Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies. She is currently pursuing the Master in Finance by research through the MSU Graduate School of Management.

With interest in socio-economic factors impacting investment, Sruthi will focus on research in Stock Market Volatility.

“I am highly motivated to pursue my education until PhD in the same field.”

Her passion in Maths and motivated by a curiosity of a young boy’s success, pushed her to choose this career pathway, added Sruthi, a President’s Scholarship recipient for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

“My curiosity about how an 11-year-old boy from Omaha in the US, known to the world as Warren Buffet, became one of the most successful and richest fund managers in history and my unquenchable passion for Maths made me choose to study this.”

Sruthi, who is currently working as an assistant manager in the Global Affairs Department at MSU, said the learning experience she received during her studies motivated her to do better.

“Balancing work and studies, some say it is hard, but it’s an adventure for me, an experience of taking two roles as a student and working person. It’s not that easy, and it’s not that hard either, it all depends on the circumstances. Finishing up an assignment or a task always gives the same satisfaction. I balance my work and studies by keeping to strict schedules and prioritising deadlines.

“Moreover, using all the available resources or asking for help from family, colleagues and friends is one of the most effective ways. The skills I acquired from the Personal Enrichment Competency classes during my bachelor’s degree days have stood me in good stead.

“My learning experience at MSU was truly inspiring because it was never confined to dry textbook theories. Needless to say, the support from the management and lecturers of MSU was immense, immeasurable and beyond expression.”

As the President’s Scholarship recipient for both of her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, Sruthi was grateful for the opportunity given by MSU to transform and enrich herself.

Sharing her experiences at MSU, Sruthi recalled one of the many long days she had while preparing for a project.

“It was a final project for the Financing Reporting Analysis subject. My teammates and I were preparing for it and we were so busy that we lost track of time.

“We ended up working for it without any sleep for more than 24 hours. We had a nap after some time on a couch at the library when we were really exhausted.”

During her leisure hours, she enjoys painting landscapes and binge-watching on Netflix.

Her favourite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and she emphasises that this international bestseller deserves a space in every bibliophile’s bookshelf.

One thing we can learn from Sruthi is that to be a well-rounded, holistic and competent graduate, one should be a seeker and learner, keeping the mind and heart open to new things and discoveries of life while pursuing one’s dreams.

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