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15 May 2019 / 12:37 H.

Do employees or even employers have cold feet when its time for employee performance reviews? Are both staff and manager able to openly discuss issues on productivity, performance, and ways to improve effectively and with tact?

Randstad Malaysia released information on employee performance reviews in a report. It highlighted the fact that the employee values their employer’s feedback for the mere fact that it provides the employee with understanding of his/her performance and gives direction on how to achieve their next career milestone. However, are employers providing this crucial feedback? And how is the information disseminated to the employee? Are once a year performance reviews sufficient? How accurate is the grading process and what is the yardstick used?

According to the Randstad Workmonitor report (based on results in Q1-2019), employees are wanting real-time feedback as opposed to the annual scheduled job performance reviews. Respondents in Malaysia say that the former gives them a chance to develop and improve, correct inaccuracies, and allows for growth opportunities and career advancement.

However, the survey revealed that in most cases, managers and employee/colleagues are not open to receiving or giving feedback. Reasons include they do not know how to react; they feel uncomfortable; and some find it hard as they take negative feedback personally.

To address these issues, it was recommended that employers organise training to ensure its entire workforce knows how to give and receive constructive feedback, professionally and effectively. Managers also need to give employees opportunity to speak their mind and share their own perspectives on career challenges they face and the support they need from the company.

Sharing positive and negative feedback is said to help point employees in the right direction; helps them grow and motivates them to develop and become more productive and collaborative; and promotes employee loyalty, benefitting employee and employer.

At Randstad, annual graded performance reviews were replaced by “Great Conversations”. Visit for more.

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