Management and Science University launches MSU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sandbox (MINES)

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the power of knowledge to transform lives, enrich the future; to lead us all into a better, new normal after. The role of universities has never been more important; as we empower the pursuit of research, encourage the tackling of challenges – oftentimes on the back of just a kernel of an idea – and facilitate transforming inspiration and ingenuity into tangible things.

Celebrating human creativity and commitment, both to great ideas and to one another is Management and Science University (MSU); with the MSU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sandbox (MINES).

Launched by MSU President Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid in MSU main campus in Shah Alam recently, MINES is an incubation platform for entrepreneurs from all walks of life - members of the public as well as the staff and students of MSU – to transform breakthrough ideas into successful businesses; a catalyst for the creation of a conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem where research, applied knowledge, and commercialization combine into holistic entrepreneurship development.

Located strategically on Level 3 of the Science Tower – MINES as a collaborative workspace can accommodate up to 23 entrepreneurs at any time. Secured with facial recognition entry, it is equipped with internet accessibility and projector equipment; and has a discussion lounge as well as large and small meeting rooms to fit various needs.

MSU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sandbox (MINES) has been established as part of the Management and Science University (MSU) entrepreneurship ecosystem led by MSU’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Advancement Institute (LEAD) – the Centre of Excellence overseeing entrepreneur development towards accomplishing the MSU 100 aspired to.

$!A MSU entrepreneur showcasing her product to Prof Tan Sri Dr Mohd Shukri

A strong showing by members of industry and partners of Management and Science University (MSU) at the launch of MINES ensures continuous valuable input for the start-up co-working space to thrive and it’s entrepreneur members to stay ahead.

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