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15 May 2019 / 13:05 H.

EVER wondered what Doctorate degrees can do for one? Well, with the competition for top leadership positions, it will surely help the graduate develop an edge. It will also help one in reaching the pinnacle of success in his/her career as the degree demands competency in leadership across many areas; an attainment not many have under their belt.

For those with a Doctor of Business Administration degree, the acquisition sets them among the top tier, which is a boon in this ever-changing world of business. It also sets them ahead of the pack and gets their foot in the door when opportunity arises.

Those aspiring senior level management positions in business, the government, academia or in organisations; or simply interested in attaining a doctoral degree in business - are urged to explore Wawasan Open University’s (WOU) new 80-credit DBA programme. Students can expect to complete the programme in four years if on part-time basis or via open distance learning (ODL); otherwise, in three years through full-time study.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Balakrishnan Muniapan (pix) from WOU’s School of Business and Administration (SBA), the DBA is crafted to help sharpen critical skills and analytical expertise. Students will also learn to develop their competence in research and become experts in their fields with proven ability to think out-of-the-box. “The programme will provide applied research, management techniques and business practices with real-world benefits to prepare learners to lead organisations and confront complex problems,” he added.

Courses offered under the DBA includes - Transformational Leadership & Change; Advanced Managerial Accounting & Decision Making; Strategic Thinking & Implementation; and Management Consultancy. Besides coursework, students are required to conduct research and write a dissertation. With this qualification, graduates can compete for positions like COO, management consultant, management analyst, academician, and high-level decision-making positions that call for overseeing the strategic direction of an organisation.

““You can expect a rewarding career with potential for future promotions within your current organisation or being head hunted for top-level positions in your industry. You will shine among other business professionals. Besides, in pursuing the DBA it re-affirms your employer of your commitment to lifelong learning, continuous improvement and leadership excellence” the Assoc. Prof. added.

Enrol for WOU’s DBA July intake today. Prerequisites for admission include - Master’s degree from WOU or other institutions, or equivalent, and at least five years of relevant working experience. WOU also offers postgraduate programmes in construction, manufacturing, psychology, business and education, along with the research-based Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and PhD degrees in Social Science, Computing & Technology, and Arts & Humanities (including Education).

Although there are some differences between DBA’s and PhD’s in Business of Administration, both are considered to be equal.

For details, visit or call toll-free 1-300-888-968, WhatsApp 019-474 9323, or visit the WOU main campus, its regional or support centres nationwide.

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