Alternative professions in medicine

13 Jun 2019 / 12:37 H.

DESPITE the assurance of a bright future that comes with reading medicine, many aspiring to become medical doctors or dentists fail to achieve their dreams due to the insufficient placements for those studying these specialised programmes.

An alternative would be for students to consider exploring career opportunities in medicine, through a bachelor degree and diploma programme in Medical Science, offered at Management & Science University (MSU).

The programme aims to provide candidates with the knowledge, skills and attitude required in contributing towards future progress in understanding, diagnosing, caring and curing mankind, in areas of wellness and in disease.

On completion of the programme, career opportunities can be expected in medical research at pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology laboratories and hospitals. Openings also exist in forensic labs, veterinary medicine, food manufacturing, medical publishing, etc. Those with an interest to teach can also enjoy a fulfilling academic career in colleges and universities.

Students who take up MSU’s Medical Science programme will have the chance to work closely with physicians in providing a wide variety of healthcare services. This programmealso makes for a great foundation course to those taking the MBBS.

With the paradigm shift towards graduate entry for medical schools across the world, this programme proves to be “just what the doctor ordered” and essential in paving the way for students intending to read medicine or dentistry.

On completion, graduates who have no intention pursuing careers in medicine will find benefit too as they will receive better opportunities when it comes to selection for managerial roles in the workforce.

Those with interest in education will find ample opportunities as tutors in health-related education programmes. They can also choose to venture into health journalism or embark into medical research as Research Assistants.

As one of the top universities in the country, MSU prioritises student development with the aim of enhancing graduate employability. The univesity boasts highly qualified academics and international visiting professors who support a holistic curricular framework that delivers compelling learning experiences.

MSU blends technical vocational education and training (TVET) with traditional academic curricula. It also believes in enhancing a student’s competency by providing opportunities for industry internship, community and creative entrepreneurship, as well as global exposure. These help empower the MSU graduate who can easily move into the workforce with knowledge, understanding and confidence. As students who are all-rounded and capable, they will be sought after by employers.

Additionally, MSU’s extensive collaborations with institutions across 40 countries allows for comprehensive opportunities. These also enhance graduate employability as students will have had received more global exposure and international internship opportunities.

In all, as an applied, enterprise, holistic and international university, MSU offers foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and flexible programmes that facilitates admission of students from all walks of life.

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