BERJAYA University College offers courses for those looking to make a career change

It’s never to late too learn again

WHAT would you do if you were given another chance to do things differently? Perhaps the thought of changing careers has crossed your mind?

Well, it’s not too late to change your career path. Whether you have just started working, or you have worked in the same industry all your life, you deserve the opportunity to upgrade and upskill yourself.

BERJAYA University College has you covered. It offers part-time diplomas and degrees that range from Business Management, Retail Management, Culinary Management or even a Master of Business Administration, which will provide you with greater prospects in your career growth.

Upgrade and upskill

The Bachelor of Business Management (Hons) programme prepares you to work in a management position within an ever-changing business environment. It also enables you to develop your knowledge of business and management, while integrating valuable practical skills in marketing, human resource management, financial management, project management and most important of all, strategic decision-making.

If you have the passion to make the retail industry a platform for your career growth, the Bachelor of Retail Management (Hons) programme aims to provide you with the opportunity to practice and develop skills and knowledge highly valued in the retail sector. It is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of retail management.

To those who are thinking of moving up the ladder to become the next Executive Chef would need to begin with at least the Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management (Hons). This is a programme designed to allow you to pursue and further your career in the culinary arts. The programme focuses on a range of administrative, operational and management areas in the culinary industry, to refine the practical skills you have learned and enable you to perform effectively in compliance with the industry operational standards.

Students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Culinary Management (Hons) are eligible for automatic eligibility as Certified Chef de Partie level from the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WORLDCHEFS).

Be agile, versatile, and thrive

If you aspire to succeed in leadership, the Master of Business Administration will equip you not only with the right theories, tools and methods, but also allow you to have a priceless experience, to make you more versatile and agile, as you thrive in this unrivalled working world.

The ‘mix and match’ concept in the MBA ensures you to can become a ‘jack of all trades’, enabling you to thrive in the most dynamic industries, such as the logistics & supply chain, human resource, business, tourism and hospitality, to name a few.

Hence, you will have the courage and creativity to question the status quo and drive change, wherever you are.

Step up and rise

Now is the time to rise above the occasion and step up to life challenges. Choose courses that will add to the skills you already have and this will allow you to explore career growth opportunities.

Studying at any age or any stage in life is possible. It is a great way to upgrade and upskill yourself. You can even consider a career change and follow passions you have never had the opportunity to try before. It is indeed never too late.

Nick Ng Tet Shin (left), who studied for a Diploma in Heritage Cuisine at BERJAYA University College, said: “At age 37, I made a drastic decision which I think not many would dare to do it. I quit my job and made a career change. I had always been in the sales industry, from media to building materials. Two years ago, I walked into BERJAYA University College and enrolled for a Diploma in Heritage Cuisine. The skills I have gained here and the knowledge imparted by the Master Chefs has shaped my confidence. In 2019, I was given a chance to participate in the 6th Penang International Halal Chefs Challenge.

“Winning the Bronze medal against other chefs as a student chef was truly a great achievement. So, here I am today – a different person. In a month’s time, I’ll be graduating as a chef. I followed my passion, and now I lead a new life. No regrets!”

BERJAYA University College helps make leaders, and its pastoral care ensures you will enjoy your student life while studying with them. You deserve a well-earned promotion.

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