Life after high school

10 Dec 2019 / 10:35 H.

THINKING about life after high school can be very challenging, but there’s always support available to school leavers who are seeking to map out a rewarding career pathway with further education and training.

Known as the pioneer provider of pre-university programmes in the northern region educational market, DISTED College offers high quality courses that prepare students for cutting-edge careers not only for today’s industrial world, but those of tomorrow.

The college offers two options of pre-university programmes for school leavers: the Cambridge A-Level and the South Australia Matriculation (SACE). Both the programmes are internationally recognised pathways to universities worldwide and are available in 12-month and 18-month durations to cater to students’ different learning needs and pace.

Yap Jiong Yan who received the Top in the World award for securing the highest marks in the Cambridge International Examination at AS Level for Mathematics, praised his lecturers for effectively delivering the course content in an easy-to-understand manner.

“They did so in the shortest time possible so that I felt prepared to tackle the examinations,” he said.

Another top achiever Tan Ruey Fern who scored the highest marks in Malaysia for the English language subject said: “I love to study language. I would like to learn more about the aspects of language including the semantics, the structure and how people understand language.”

While studying overseas can be very costly and with all the hassle in submissions and applications, school leavers can opt for a DISTED College 3+0 degree programme with Staffordshire University UK.

Firstly, school leavers can opt for the DISTED diploma programmes with the options of business and accountancy and hospitality management. Upon completion, they can proceed into the second year of the 3+0 Staffordshire University degree programmes conducted locally at DISTED College.

Students can choose from the options of business management, accounting and finance, international business management and marketing management to continue their education journey.

Alternatively, school leavers who are keen on social science and humanities studies can choose to pursue HELP University’s degree programme in Psychology at DISTED College. Students can be assured that the teaching quality, assessment, programme syllabus and structure is the same as the course conducted at HELP University.

The course combines a unique blend of academic learning and practical training skills led by professional instructors, students will benefit from hands-on training and real-world projects exposure that leads to work placement opportunities that opens doors to suitable jobs after graduation.

DISTED College students are taught according to the Blended Learning method, a 21st Century teaching and learning approach that promotes student-centred learning and emphasises higher order thinking skills which will prepare students for the future workplace.

To find out more about the courses offered at DISTED College, visit the open days scheduled to be held on Dec 21, 22, 28, 29 and Jan 4, 5, 11, 12 to find out more about the academic programmes.

Call 04-2296579 or visit for more information.

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