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14 Jan 2020 / 14:19 H.

MANAGEMENT and Science University (MSU) held the 13th edition of its International Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical, and Health Science Symposium (iMPaCHS 13.0) in December 2019.

Jointly organised by the MSU Medical and Health Sciences Cluster, iMPaCHS 13.0 was hosted by MSU’s International Medical School (IMS).

Themed “Bridging Discovery Into Practice: The Future of Health Ecosystem”, iMPaCHS 2019 keynote address was delivered by the National Institute of Health (NIH) Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) deputy director Dr Kalaiarasu M. Peariasamy.

Twelve oral and 70 poster presentations by MSU students were evaluated by ICR’s head of CCRN Unit Dr Norizan Rosli and Malaysia Genome Institute Cell and Synthetic Biology Centre scientist Dr Iffah Izzati Zakaria.

The top three oral presenters were Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Honours) student Azmi Anis-Amira with “Anti-larval studies on Aedes aegypti larvae treated with Piper porphyrophyllum leaf extracts”; Bachelor in Food Service Technology (Honours) student Bagyalakshmi Gopi with “The influence of food truck service quality on customer satisfaction and its impact towards customer loyalty”; and Bachelor in Nutrition (Honours) student Siti Madihah Muhammad Royani with “Nutritional factors associated with stunting among infants in the Petaling District, Selangor”.

The top three poster presenters comprised Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) student Dora Gadung Dawat with “In-vitro bacteriolytic activity of Elizabethkingia anophelis phage in combination with alloy metals”; Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Technology (Honours) student Priyadharishini Dannabar with “The wound-healing properties of Coriandrum sativum L. leaf extract and its formulated ointment in Wistar rats”; and Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) student Nursyamimi Azman with “Comparison of fatty acid composition in the coelomic fluid, body wall and intestines of sea cucumbers Acaudina molpadiodes and Stichopus horrens”.

The iMPaCHS 2019 Junainah Abdul Hamid Award went to Bachelor in Forensic Science (Honours) student Sofia Haniza Mohd Zabit for her “Facile synthesis of calcium oxide nanoparticles from waste eggshells for latent fingermarks development”.

Eighty two presenters comprising 58 from MSU’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS), 18 from MSU International Medical School (IMS), and six from MSU School of Pharmacy (SPH) took part in the symposium.

As one of Malaysia’s top universities, MSU’s programmes meet stringent standards set by both local and international bodies. Its mission for excellence is benchmarked by industry employability, entrepreneurship, and community sustainability, and supported by research, lifelong learning, and flexible education.

MSU is an applied, enterprise university focused on graduate employability. With 98.7% of its graduates securing employment within six months of their graduation, MSU is ranked by the Education Ministry as Malaysia’s #1 for graduate employability.

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