On the path to a bright future

13 Jun 2019 / 12:46 H.

Thinking about life after high school can be daunting for any teen but don’t fret young ‘uns, as support is always available to help school leavers map a pathway to their dream jobs. There are many routes that can lead to rewarding careers, these include pursuing further studies in tertiary education and advanced training.

Disted College has helped prepare many students for life. A pioneer as a pre-university programme provider in the northern region education market sector, the college has, since 1987, been offering students high quality courses across various levels of higher education.

School leavers have two options of pre-university education - the Cambridge A-Level programme and the South Australia Matriculation (SACE) programme. Both are internationally recognised pathways to universities across the world. Each of the programmes can be completed in durations of either 12 months or 18-months, ideally catering to a students’ lifestyle and learning needs and pace.

Students will be developed and equipped to take on cutting-edge careers as they will be guided and taught by professional senior lecturers. Disted College is also proud to have produced top achievers over the past 32 years. The college also helps ease the financial burden of parents and students by providing support and assistance such as textbook loan schemes and relatively low tuition fees.

There are also seven scholarship awards students can apply for - High Performance Scholarship, Full Scholarship Award, Degree Awards, Sport and Culture Excellence Awards, Mini-Circuits-Disted Japan Transfer Programme Scholarship Bursaries for Students with disabilities and DISTED CARES (Community Assistance Rebate & Education Scheme) Financial Aid.. Acceptance is based on student’s academic achievements, their socio-economic background and extra-curricular activity participation among others. Interested students can visit or call 04-229 6579 for more information, otherwise attend the Open Days at Disted College on June 15, 15, 22 and 23.

In this age and time, with so much competition as well as the many opportunities available, it would come as a poor choice and unfortunate for a student to end their education at high school. Enrol now and look forward to the future and beyond at Disted College.

Providing a healthy and supportive learning environment.

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