Online safety workshop

13 Jun 2019 / 12:38 H.

While undoubtedly one of the most amazing achievements in human history, the internet can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Hence, Google Malaysia held a workshop at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC), at the KL main campus, to get students and young people to improve their digital literacy and think deeper about online safety. Here are some of the highlights of the workshop, core themes on internet safety.

* Security checkup

The “checkup” was basically a free service that highlighted the importance of maintaining good security to help users ensure the safety of their Google account. Students were walked through their account settings and given tips on setting up stronger passwords and how to secure their accounts with a 2-Step Verification, lock screen, etc.

* Privacy

This part of the workshop examined doxxing and swatting, both more prevalent these days. Students were taught how to take charge of their data, how to avoid phishing attempts, and best practices on not to overshare personal information online, etc.

* Family safety

Students were made aware about online threats and exposed to ways to help their younger siblings or family members stay safe online. They were taught about Google’s Family Link for minors under 13-years of age which allows for content control and activity monitoring. Good and open communication was also raised.

* Misinformation

The topic of how to address being more critical about information and how to be aware and guard against misinformation was not left out. Tips on vetting and managing information that students might come across online were brought up and simple actions like how to check for evidence and reliable sources before sharing suspicious or unverified information online was brought to light.

The event ended with interactive quizzes and fun games that reinforced what was taught. To encourage students to put their new-found learning to good use, Google helped kick-start a safety campaign as part of TAR UC second year Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours) degree students’ semester coursework. The campaign is called Guardians of the Interwebz campaign. Check out TAR UC Facebook page for more information.

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