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09 Jul 2019 / 16:08 H.

DISTED College is a private institution of higher learning located up north in Penang, Malaysia. A pioneer as an education provider since 1987 - it is known for its all-rounded academic programmes that equip students with the much needed solid and balanced academic grounding to take them forward into undergraduate studies like psychology, medicine, pharmacy, accounting, engineering, computer science, law and business, to name a few.


Also available at DISTED is the SACE International programme, formerly known as the South Australian Matriculation. This programme is internationally recognised as a gateway that opens doorways to universities across the world. It uses a different teaching and learning approach which emphasises a student’s all-round development where 70% of “marks” are derived from a student’s college-assessed coursework and requires more of a student in thinking and reflecting. This method of pedagogy is reputed for its quality and relevance in tertiary education across the world.


DISTED also has a variety of post-secondary education options that include college diploma programmes specialising in accounting, business studies, computing and engineering, multimedia production, mass comm, hotel management and F&B management. All these provide necessary skills and knowledge and cultivate job-focused competence for brighter futures.


On receiving a DISTED business diploma, students will be offered the choice to pursue the Dual-Award Diploma, established in collaboration with the prestigious UK Business & Technology Education Council (BTEC). There is also the option to take up the Bachelor of Communication (Media Studies), a three-year honours degree programme that provides a student with three options. He/she can major in Public relations and advertising; Broadcasting; or Journalism. There’s also the two-year and three-month diploma programme which provides a student with a solid theoretical framework and practical skills in mass comm.

Japan Transfer Programme

Those attracted to the quality of education in Japan, especially in its computing and engineering fields, can look towards taking up DISTED’s Japan Transfer Programme (JTP) where the student will learn under one of the Top 14 public universities of technology in Japan. While it takes about five years to earn a degree from any Japanese education institution, under DISTED’s JTP programme, the Toyohashi link, it just takes three years for a student to complete their diploma in computer science/electrical and electronic engineering. During the three year duration, the student will undergo a Japanese proficiency course and six-month bridging programme, followed by two years of study in Japan.

21st-century approach

Why DISTED again? Students experience practical, all-rounded tertiary education through “Blended Learning” which is a 21st-century teaching and learning approach that promotes student-centred learning and demands a higher order of thinking skills. This helps mould and prepare students to be adept in facing the challenging future. With this knowledge and skills comes more opportunities in Malaysia and abroad, across a variety of industries.


Another good reason to enrol at DISTED is the financial aid and special rebates that are available on meeting requirements and terms/conditions. As a non-profit institution, DISTED College functions as a self-financing institute of high learning. Every year, hundreds of students benefit from DISTED scholarships and bursary funds. More than RM1 million have been awarded through various scholarships, awards and bursaries.

Over the past 10 years, with support from Wawasan Education Foundation and the Yeap Chor Ee Charitable Trust, more than RM12 million has been disbursed to deserving students for education. DISTED is proud to share that 19 students from diploma programmes and seven from business degree programmes were recipients of its scholastic awards. Parents and students are welcomed to find out more about higher education programmes at DISTED College. Visit for more information or call for an appointment at its main campus situated along Macalister Road in Penang.

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