UNIVERSITI Kuala Lumpur Branch Campus – Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering Technology (UniKL-MIMET) was established in 2004 in a collaboration between Majlis Amanah Rakyat and the Australian government, represented by International Training Australia.

It offers a number of industry specific programmes aimed at producing highly competent personnel for the marine and maritime industry.

Academic courses include ship design, ship construction and boat building, which uniquely integrates theoretical teaching with practical application.

UniKL-MIMET is located in Lumut, a coastal town off Manjung in Perak. It is about 84km from the capital city of Ipoh and is the gateway to Pangkor Island.

Once a little known fishing town, it has since become the home base of the Royal Malaysian Navy and the site of the biggest naval shipbuilder in Malaysia, Boustead Naval Shipyard.

It is committed towards providing a conducive learning environment which encourages the development of technical competence, creativity and skills among students.

UniKL-MIMET aims to provide a learning experience that strikes a balance between students’ attainment and growth in terms of knowledge, skills, values, character and spirituality.

Students who graduate from there will have the opportunity to expand their careers in various fields such as boat building, ship building, welding and fabrication (ferrous/non-ferrous), ship/project planning, naval architecture, technical design/draughtsmanship, CAM programming, ship maintenance, hydraulic and pneumatics, CNC machining, steel and aluminium fabrication, woodworking, fiberglass and others.

For diploma programmes, UniKL-MIMET offers five courses – the Diploma of Engineering Technology in Marine Engineering, Diploma of Engineering Technology in Electrical and Electronics (Marine), Diploma of Engineering Technology in Ship Design, Diploma of Engineering Technology in Ship Construction and Maintenance, and Diploma in Maritime Management.

The university also offers five bachelor programmes – the Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding, Offshore, Electrical and Electronics (Marine), and Bachelor of Maritime Operation.

For postgraduate programmes, UniKL-MIMET offers three courses – the Doctor of Philosophy (Maritime), Master of Maritime Operations and Management, and Master of Engineering Technology (Maritime).

These programmes have been developed to produce skilled human capital as required by Malaysian and international shipyards/boatyards and marine engineering companies.

UniKL-MIMET also offers training programmes particularly for technicians to upgrade and acquire merit recognition and certification.

The management and academic staff are qualified, experienced and specialised in their respective disciplines.

The university also has state-of-the-art training facilities and peripherals that will provide students with adequate technical know-why and know-how.

For more details on programmes call 05-690 9014/010-650 9014, write to marketing@unikl.edu.my or visit www.unikl.edu.my.