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09 Apr 2019 / 12:17 H.

British Council has several types of English classes to offer adult students. Although the institution encourages face-to-face communication and promotes collaboration between students in class, it encourages students to practice English in their own time. Here are useful websites, apps and suggestions that can enhance the learning process at home.

English for adults via the British Council website -

The British Council’s Learn English Online website is a great place for adults to start learning the language. You can begin by taking a free test to determine your level before getting started on your journey to improve your English. There are sections to develop English skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), grammar, across different levels (basic and intermediate), and vocabulary practice (basic and intermediate). Students can choose the area/s they want to focus on. Additionally, there are English programmes applicable to Business English, IELTS and General English.

Learn English via the BBC website -

This website has similar sections to help a student develop their grammar, skills, vocabulary and more. What’s unique about this site s that it has multiple short lessons that last just six minutes. These brief sessions focus on language points in a quick, interesting and efficient manner. Students who want to go over the topics they have learned can do so via the revision videos on the site. Through this BBC website, learning English, across the levels, becomes fast and easy.

Learn English via the 5-minute English website -

Those looking for a practical way to improve their skills in English, from reading and comprehension to grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, etc., need not look further. This website teaches English to adults and children, and is suitable for those who are both amateurs and professionals in the language. Reading lessons on this site begin with a compendium of words and its meaning, which are used in the article. Students can also self-check their understanding via a test related to the comprehension passage. A variety of topics and levels of study provide just the right amount of challenge to make study interesting and effective.

Duolingo App

It is free and uses interactive games to help teach English. Beginners can focus on learning verbs, phrases and sentences. More advanced learners can improve their language skills through practice via writing, speaking and vocabulary lessons.

Sentence Master Pro App

Free and aimed at helping the user build sentences through games. To add a sense of excitement and some challenge, users can practice building grammatically accurate sentences within a time limit. The app is suitable for the English speaking of all levels and age groups.

Hello Talk App

This app focuses mainly on speech and connects people for the purpose of improving their spoken English. Users are connected to a native speaker with whom they can practice their communication skills via texting, voice calling or video calling. The app also has a translation feature to assist students in understanding and comprehension, when needed.

Learner’s Dictionary App

An app designed as a dictionary for English language learners, but is not as thorough and detailed as the Oxford dictionary. It is made simpler and easy to use and understand. Words come with clear definitions and illustrations. Each word is further explained through sample sentences, synonyms and antonyms to make understanding easier.

Learning English can continue after class through many of these valuable resources. To learn more about full and part-time courses for adults at the British Council, visit

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