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15 May 2019 / 13:48 H.

FOR many seeking higher education, living and studying abroad is seen as an ideal plan for a better future. And Australia, without doubt, is often a popular option as it is considered a land of many opportunities.

There is no question that Australia is a leading global education powerhouse. It provides some of the world’s best facilities and educators and presents local and international students with a range of quality study options. Furthermore, ranking of universities and tuition fees are not the only key factors for students and parents to consider. The cost of living is an important factor to consider during planning process.

When it comes to studying in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are the more popular study destinations. Each city has its character which suits different individuals. Living costs also differ and depends largely on a student’s lifestyle and preferences. Major monthly expenses to take into account include accommodation rental and type, groceries, transportation, utilities, etc. For a start, Melbourne is popular for its one-bedroom accommodation which costs between AUD230 to AUD450 per week (in the city centre). Some accommodation allows for shared occupancy.

Exploring Australia is no doubt a key part of most student’s weekly lifestyle. With so much that each city has to offer, travel expenses should not be overlooked. However, some cities like Perth for example, offer student discounts of up to 60% off all tertiary student travel costs. With a SmartRider card, journeys can costs as little as AUD0.72. Students residing and studying in Melbourne and Adelaide city centres can enjoy free tram services within the city limits. Those in New South Wales only pay AUD2.70 for all-day travel on Sundays (hence, those living in regional areas in NSW can come into the city for groceries, F&B and entertainment for a minimal fee, while those in the city can explore the regional areas at a flat rate). Better still for the student who enjoys cycling or walking to a near enough university.

While it is common culture in Australia for students to pack their lunch, the F&B scene is wide and varies, and easily accessible. Still, home-cooked meals are a huge way to save costs and why not cook a little extra at the weekends to pack for lunches in university during the week? For those who enjoy cooking or want to save costs, Asian ingredients and pre-mix sachets are easily available at local supermarkets. There are also restaurants and mobile apps offering student F&B rates and discounts.

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