Taking creative prowess to the next level

15 May 2019 / 13:05 H.

ALTHOUGH Malaysia is known for its rich natural resources, its youth have also gained popularity for their creative talent. With proper guidance and tutelage, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) believes Malaysia’s young set have the potential to contribute even more towards the creative industries in the nation and beyond.

With that, TAR UC offers its esteemed diploma and bachelor degree programmes in Graphic Design, delivered via its Faculty of Communication and Creative Industries (FCCI), which give students a number of platforms to learn and demonstrate their creativity.

As part of the curriculum, TAR UC Bachelor and Diploma students will be required to undertake a final year project showcase. The undertaking will presents a platform for Diploma students to demonstrate their skills in coming up with designs across mediums, as well as showcase their capabilities in presenting their ideas and concepts. For the Bachelor degree student, the objective of the project is to develop a platform where they can exhibit their portfolio of ideas in solving problems and challenges they face in producing their artwork. They will also get the chance to explore a variety of media, develop critical skills and learn creative problem solving.

In April 2018, a batch of TAR UC Graphic Design Diploma students celebrated their final year by organising a phenomenal exhibition called “Revo” (suggesting revolution). Twelve booths were set up and gave visitors insight into the concepts and production of visual arts through students’ works across mediums and techniques, which included shadow puppetry, branding and packaging design, Chinese calligraphy, paintings and photography.

Participating students were thrilled to receive the golden opportunity to share and showcase their talent, and organise the entire exhibition. Said May Hooi, a student participant, “It was hectic and stressful, even from the very start as we had to brainstorm for ideas in the planning stage, right up to the set up, but it was definitely a good experience to have”. Her fellow course mate En Juii added, “It was not about winning and losing, good or bad, success or failure, but about the experience and the learning process that brought us to an achievement of our educational journey at Diploma level.”

FCCI’s Department of Creative Industries lecturer, Jeremy Joseph Pinto who guided his students along stated, “It was an awesome experience to see how much my students had grown, and seeing the fruits of their labour coming together so perfectly was a truly fulfilling experience”.

The Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design students were not left out. They too had their final year project showcase and theirs was called “Gracaphon”, derived from the idea of the nostalgic toy vending machine for children back in the 90s, called gashapon, where the “player” had to hand-crank the machine in order to get the surprise toy capsule.

Thirty six graphic projects were showcased, related to visual research, cultural awareness, community art, education and social response campaigns President of the showcase Neko Loh said that the whole process actually trained those involved in honing their planning and creative solutions skills, not to mention people skills, management and organisational abilities, sourcing, building, etc. “We also had a lot of multi-tasking experiences apart from organising the entire showcase from scratch, plus our own creative projects,” he mused.

Positive feedback and encouraging words came from all directions, including FCCI Department of Creative Industries senior lecturer, Edwin Chien, as well as Dean of FCCI, Dearna Kee.

“Each member of our staff believes they hold a big responsibility to guide and mentor each student to meet their personal and career goals. Our programmes are designed to reflect industry requirements as we prepare students for the dynamic and challenging professional work environment,” she said.

For more information, visit www.taruc.edu.my or TAR UC’s nationwide campuses. Daily counselling sessions are being conducted until May 17, including weekends, excluding public holidays, from 10am to 4pm.

In conjunction with TAR UC Facebook 10th anniversary, new applicants enjoy tuition fee waiver. To redeem, visit https://web.tarc.edu.my/portal/promoCode/ and key in the promo code #CCMFB10.

Diploma in Graphic Design students pose for a group photograph with lecturers from the Department of Creative Industries, FCCI, during the ‘Revo’ showcase.

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