AS we embark on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0), University of Malaya (UM) as the leading university in Malaysia which has been ranked 70th according to QS World University Rankings, consistently strives in producing intellects who are experts in research and development in diverse fields.

In addition, UM not only provides educational opportunities for school leavers but also offers lifelong learning for working adults in numerous industries both in public service and the private sector.

For that purpose, the establishment of University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCed) in 1998 was seen as an accomplishment for UM in its effort to encourage more working adults to further their studies and continuously increase knowledge and add valuable skills through various educational and training programmes.

In line with the government’s aspiration to build a generation of highly educated and competitive citizens, UMCCed offers programmes that are of high quality and meet the demands of various organisations.

According to the acting director of UMCCed, Dr Amirrudin Kamsin, the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has come out with the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education) which has placed Lifelong Learning (LLL) as one of its strategies in transforming higher education in this country.

“The aim is to acknowledge the lifelong learning following the Malaysian Qualification Framework (MQF), the accreditation of collective learning experience. We encourage employees from any level and position, the job seekers, university graduates, school leavers, entrepreneurs and even retirees to undertake this opportunity,” Amiruddin said.

The Executive Diploma programmes offered by UM through UMCCed is specially designed to enhance the skills and knowledge related to the client vocation for career advancement.

The curriculum, which is developed and designed by professional lecturers from the various faculties of UM, professional practitioners as well as industry players, stresses both theoretical and practical aspects to cater for working adults’ needs to enhance their knowledge and skills in related fields.

All courses are carried out on a part-time basis and classes are held on weekends. To date, UMCCed offers nine executive diploma programmes:

1. Executive Diploma in Management (Administration and Operations)

2. Executive Diploma in Management (Human Resource)

3. Executive Diploma in Management (Business)

4. Executive Diploma in Early Childhood Education

5. Executive Diploma in Counselling

6. Executive Diploma in Accounting Administration

7. Executive Diploma in Information Technology

8. Executive Diploma in Shariah Studies

9. Executive Diploma in Usuluddin Studies

UMCCed is honoured to witness thousands of graduates who have successfully achieved their goals through our Executive Diplomas.

They have been promoted or offered better position at the workplace, taking different work paths, while some have continued their journey by completing the highest level of education in order to become an expert in their respective field.

If you want to enrol in any of UMCCed courses, visit or visit social media sites such as Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. For more information about intakes, contact 03-2246 3600 or send an e-mail to