Benefits of study at British Council

04 Dec 2018 / 11:39 H.

Having just completed secondary education, one may find oneself at a crossroads. Whether preparing to embark on tertiary studies in Malaysia or overseas, or exploring job opportunities, studying at the British Council could come as an excellent springboard, whatever one’s endeavour.

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, our centre offers a wide range of courses which are designed to meet students’ needs cross a wide range of areas. Generally, while courses focus on improving one’s performance in speech writing, listening and reading, an emphasis is placed on development of communication skills.

At the British Council e strongly believe that effective communication skills are key to success in any pursuit at any given moment of one’s professional or private life and is extremely useful for achieving set goals. Our students often comment on seeing noticeable improvement very quickly as a result of daily extensive exposure and the approach to teaching.

Here are some of what you can expect from studying at the British Council:

Our teachers are well-rounded and highly qualified professionals with years of experience in English language teaching and noted to deliver a high standard of teaching. They employ a vibrant and interactive style of teaching, and strive to create an environment in which one’s aims and goals are given priority Moreover, each and every student is valued. Teachers also put a lot of effort into motivating their students and helping them perform to the best of their abilities.

There are never more than twenty students per class which allows teachers to provide individual feedback where necessary and focus on eliminating potential weaknesses, as well as further developing strengths. Classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology such as interactive electronic whiteboards, wireless IT networks or sets of iPads and laptops.

Besides contact hours in class, students can also take advantage of a number of free-of-charge educational services such as academic counselling. This makes great opportunity for students to work with a teaching professional on a one-to-one basis. The centre also offers a number of one-hour sessions aimed at specific levels and language points throughout the week. Students can also use free collections of self-study materials and study rooms, should they wish to further support their own learning in a quiet zone on the premises.

Regular social events are organised at the centre. These make great opportunity for students to meet outside classroom time and practice English in a less formal environment. It is also an excellent chance for students to meet new friends and learn about new cultures, as students come from all corners of the globe. Social events include activities like going out for a meal, visiting famous landmarks in KL or playing games and sport.

Ultimately, we at British Council feel confident to state that enrolling on a course with us will, alongside with improving your language skills and building your confidence as an English speaker, provide you with a golden opportunity to grow as an individual and help pave your path towards success.

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