Doubling the rate of innovation with artificial intelligence

02 Oct 2019 / 11:56 H.

MICROSOFT Asia and IDC Asia/Pacific recently released findings specific to the education sector for the study, Future Ready Skills: Assessing APAC Education Sector’s Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where it found that AI will help double the rate of innovation improvements for higher education institutions.

With student outcomes being a key performance metric for higher education institutes, many are turning to leverage data to glean insights and drive improved outcomes.

“For many institutions, student performance has a direct impact on rankings. AI can be a tool to help better manage outcomes and ensure continued innovation to optimise operations and enhance student engagements, as it reduces resource intensive work among faculty and administrative staff,” said Larry Nelson, regional general manager – Education, Microsoft Asia.

“In fact, we found that three out four education leaders agree that AI will be able to drive competitiveness in the next three years. However, only 32% of education institutions in Asia Pacific have embarked on their AI journey,” added Nelson.

Based on the study, the top business drivers for education leaders to adopt AI include better student engagement, higher funding, and accelerated innovation. For institutions that have adopted AI, they are already seeing improvements in the range of 11% to 28% today in areas such as higher funding, accelerated innovation, higher competitiveness, improved efficiency and better student engagement.

By 2021, education institutions with AI stand to experience the biggest jump in higher funding, which is expected to increase by 3.7 times, higher than most industry sectors in Asia Pacific.

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