HELP’s third Korean Carnival

04 Dec 2018 / 11:52 H.

After the success of its first Korean Carnival in 2016, HELP University’s Korean and Malaysian students, with guidance from organising chairperson Dorothy Chen (pix, centre), managed to draw a bigger audience to this year’s do which offered better attractions.

The unique one-day event celebrated all that’s Korean, from fascinating traditions to elegant Hanboks, Korean beauty and fashion, games, food, and of course entertainment including K-Pop dance and music.

This year’s carnival presented a taste of both modern and traditional Korea across the board, from busking to art and K-Pop, street food and Korean cuisine.

Famous Korean busker Robert Kun took the excitement a notch up, along with contests and challenges, as well as dance tutorials conducted in booths. From “Know Your Name in Hangul (Korean)” to a challenge requiring one to race against time in consuming a bowl of spicy Ramen, not forgetting the highlight of the event, the K-Pop Dance Competition, there was something for everyone who enjoys anything Korean.

If you’re wondering why Korean - HELP University has an on-going Korean Exchange Programme where HELP students can attend summer programmes at Pusan National University, Kyunghee University, Kookmin University and Kyonggu University.

Visit HELP University website for more information.

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