Inspired to enhance digital ecosystem

18 Dec 2018 / 10:58 H.

A joint initiative by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and Alibaba Business School culminated with the fourth graduation ceremony where 38 Asian entrepreneurs were certified graduates of the eFounders Fellowship Programme.

The programme which focused on bridging the digital divide, aimed to develop an inclusive and sustainable digital economy by providing young entrepreneurs with the right skills and knowledge for their businesses. Fellow participants were urged to share their new-found knowledge acquired from the programme with the communities they operate in.

Of the 38 graduates, two were Malaysians - EasyParcel founder and CEO Clarence Leong and CapitalBay founder and CEO Ang Xian Xian.

Said Ang about the programme: “It was truly an amazing experience for us where we were able to connect and interact with Alibaba’s founders, such as Jack Ma, and fellow eFounders from different regions. The programme encourages us to share the key takeaways and cultures with our fellow stakeholders and truly communicate the vision of our company, at the same time spread the knowledge to the other Malaysian businesses.”

Leong on the other hand said that he enjoyed the programme curriculum on the whole and that he saw it as a good platform for young entrepreneurs. “It allowed us to think big and enabled us to learn the right ways to enhance the ecosystem of e-commerce.”

Looking forward, Leong said he and his partners are already planning to connect businesses and founders around the world, to inspire more people and build an even stronger ecosystem. Visit for more information on the eFounders Fellowship.

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