Nurturing creativity in childhood education

19 Feb 2019 / 11:21 H.

ONE of the longest family-run preschool businesses in Singapore, the White Lodge Education Group Services, is known for its uniquely designed child development educational programme, which has a 20-year proven success record. The first White Lodge Kindergarten opened in Singapore in 1999. On home ground, we have two White Lodge International Preschool Malaysia (White Lodge) centres - in Bangsar South and Mont Kiara.

Founding director Jayne Nadarajoo works closely with educational psychologist Pinky Panda in deploying a child-centric and inclusive approach in meeting the professional goals of White Lodge, the school’s educators and its children’s parents.

The school incorporates High Scope, Reggio Emilia and Howard Gardner theories and a specific list of learning objectives developed by Nadarajoo in its teaching methods. It values creative education for children in nurseries and preschools.

Some of these fundamentals of learning involves working with physical materials; interaction with people, ideas building; uses self-directed, experience-based learning in a relationship-driven environment; and develops the intellectual capacity across all kinds of intelligence including musical, interpersonal, spatial-visual and linguistic.

The children are further challenged by the educators when at school, in helping to develop their emotional intelligence and socialskills by engaging them in conversations, guiding and supporting. This also helps gauge the child’s comprehension and development, given each is unique and different.

At White Lodge, a child’s psychological development is important. Students are also looked at as individuals and are nurtured at his/her own pace.

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