DESPITE the challenge to stay indoors during the movement control order (MCO) period issued by the government, and having practised social distancing in this season of the Covid-19 pandemic, many Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) students from various programmes have expressed their positivity in coping with the MCO through the e-learning sessions they attended online. For many, it was a new way of attending classes, but learning was still fun and students were able to interact better with their lecturers.

Discovering more about himself

For Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Public Relations student, Pang Fu Sheng, he mentioned that the MCO period has taught him more about himself and given him suggestions to improve. He said: “First of all I would like to say thank you to all the healthcare heroes who are working really hard to save the country from this virus. May they stay safe and healthy. I felt very blessed to be able to stay at home to watch YouTube videos and play computer games, basically enjoying my free time until I came across an article that changed my perception of my time and my life. Bill Gates wrote the article titled What is the Covid-19 Virus Really Teaching Us?

“The article made me reflect on how I view the world, the people in this world, and those around me. It really got me thinking in depth. Since that day, I started to read news and leadership books for self-improvement. I started to use my time for more quality work to expand my knowledge and understand the world better.

“This MCO period has opened my eyes, thoughts, and a new road of discovery about me. I hope many other students are also learning more about themselves during this period. I wish everyone good health and I believe all Malaysians will stay united to fight this virus pandemic together.”

Balancing her time between studies and exercising

Ho Chao Yong, a Bachelor of Communication (Hons) journalism student also seemed to be coping well in this MCO period. “During this MCO period, I spent most of my time revising lecture notes and completing assignments. This is also the first time I am experiencing online learning. So I have learnt something new that I can do at home. Now that I have more free time at home, I need to find more creative use of my time. So I started to exercise at home by following home exercise routines on YouTube.

“Like other students, I got roped into joining the viral trends, like concocting a cup of Dalgona Coffee and drawing inspirations from Instagram. It’s quite interesting for me. I have learned constructive ideas. Lastly, the most important contribution we can do is to stay at home to fight this Covid-19 pandemic.”