Full steam ahead

18 Jun 2019 / 20:04 H.

STEAMING food has more recently become quite the fad as more and more people look towards wholesome diets and healthier lifestyles. Those who consume home-cooked food will be able to be aware of the exact ingredients and quality of it, and now with the KHIND Anshin Multi Food Steamer SE50SS, even keep calories consumed to a minimum.

Steaming one’s food is a healthier alternative than frying, sauteeing or cooking food using other methods. With steaming, fat intake via consumption of oil is reduced as no cooking oil is required. The natural vitamins and minerals found in food is also retained with steaming. Furthermore, less monitoring time (and standing by the stove) is required, plus there’s no chance of getting food burnt.

With the KHIND Anshin Multi Food Steamer SE50SS, you’re assured of a good quality food steamer that will serve you and your household for years. From cooking rice and porridge, to stewing, braising, cooking multigrain rice, making cakes, even using it as a hotpot - nine menu selections provide a variety of foods to enjoy making as well as consuming. There is also a pre-set timer where one can choose to delay cooking up to nine hours, to enjoy fresh meals at specific times.

A unique feature is the cooking guide, which can be turned on or off, and delivers assistance in English, Malay or Chinese, on selection.

The Khind Anshin Multi Food Steamer SE50SS offers rust-free SUS304 stainless steel pots comprising a hotpot, big steamer pot, small steamer pot and steamer. The hotpot is a 5-litre capacity pot that makes good for steamboat meals and boiling soups. Due to its huge capacity, more than one type of food can be steamed at one go. The unique dome-shaped cover and accessories also make good for cooking all sorts of food in all shapes and sizes; even a whole 2kg chicken with vegetables, in one sitting.

Accessories that come with the steamer include a steam rack, clamp, measuring cup, rice ladle, plus a recipe book with recommendations on dishes and desserts that can be cooked with the steamer. The food steamer comes with a two-year warranty. It is now available at major retail outlets and can be purchased online at For more information, visit


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