The wonders of vegetal placenta

13 Jun 2019 / 11:59 H.

MF3 VP Softgels Advanced Formula offers a scientifically-proven plant substitute to animal placenta extract. A breakthrough in botanical innovation - this daily nutritional supplement is packed with quality grade phyto-cellular extracts. The vegetal placenta extracts from the plant bud are found to be as good as mammal placenta extracts at rejuvenating the body. They are procured using Cold Pro Proteolytic Enzyme Technology - a proprietary cell isolation and extraction technology. This no-heat technology helps to retain the therapeutic potential of the placenta and its cellular materials. The extracts are further fortified with eight plant-based ingredients with excellent antioxidant effects. The high antioxidative combination encapsulated in the VP Softgels AF, which includes Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10 results in stronger health promoting effects. The softgel capsule shell is also derived from plants. Its special double-enteric coating is strengthened with MF3’s technology to deliver the bio-active ingredients to the small intestine, ensuring optimal absorption for maximum rejuvenation. VP Softgels AF is clinically-tested to have zero traces of animal or synthetic derivatives, hence vegetarian-friendly. MF3 began its proud history in Switzerland. Its VP Softgels AF and the alternative PE Softgels AF are forerunners of placenta supplement. MF3 has received certification and is recognised and accredited by authorities worldwide for producing products that are high in quality and safe.

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