Restore radiance and glow

07 Mar 2019 / 14:11 H.

Reclaim that radiant look with MF3’s hydrating fine jewel of skin beauty through Caviar. Caviar DNA Day Serum instantly creates a protective coating. The product containing essential amino acids and fatty omega acid, coats your skin with its Protein-Rich Caviar DNA Extract. This layer keeps skin from getting dry and dull due to exposure from the sun, and insufficient water consumption, as well as the rigours of everyday living.

The Swiss-made hydrating serum also works to enhance your natural glow. It delivers a continuous 10-hour hydration action and provides long-lasting nourishment, even when spending long hours outside. The caviar extract also combines with other active ingredients, like Daisy Extract and Liquorice Extract, to produce an intense harmonising effect on the skin’s hydric flow. Together, they naturally induce a potent anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory guard to help brighten complexion, reduce pigmentation and age spots.

Hydration is key to better skin and MF3 Caviar DNA Day Serum is the answer to gleaming good looks. Used in addition, as part of your daily beauty routine with MF3 Caviar DNA Night Serum, you’ll see the magnificent enhancement to your skin’s natural moisture-retaining powers and attain a pink porcelain reflection on your face.

For best results, apply the serum daily after cleansing and toning. Revitalise your gorgeous glowing skin with MF3 Caviar DNA Day Serum today.

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