Success is by design

Raffles Kuala Lumpur equips students from every aspect

27 Aug 2019 / 15:59 H.

AN important year for Raffles Kuala Lumpur, the education institution celebrated its 25th anniversary and even launched the UK 3+0 Design Degree Programme in collaboration with Coventry University. The programme offered courses in fashion, international fashion business, interior architecture and design, graphic design and digital media.

Established in 1994, Raffles College of Higher Education (Kuala Lumpur) is part of Raffles Education Corporation. Upon the establishment of the first college in Singapore in 1990, Raffles has grown to operate a wide education network that involves 24 colleges and universities in 22 cities across 13 countries.

At Raffles Kuala Lumpur, courses such as Design, Business, and Psychology are offered. The industry-focused design courses provide practical skills where emphasis is placed on nurturing designers, not technicians.

Meanwhile, the business courses offer students that are interested in a business qualification the opportunity to study in a creative learning environment with a flexible study schedule, while psychology students will benefit from the many real case studies and actual clinical internship postings through the psychology courses.

Studying in a multinational environment has enabled Raffles’ students to expand their personal network, be exposed to the wider spectrum of international perspectives and experience greatly enhanced career opportunities beyond their home countries.

At Raffles Kuala Lumpur, a holistic education is embraced through the development of superior thinking processes, the mastery of communication, and the acquisition of thorough and effective work methods.

These are done due to a curriculum and pedagogy that were designed to be industry-focused, relevant, and to empower students to innovate with creativity. The skills acquired by students of Raffles exceeds the knowledge and expertise of the profession, which sets them on the road to success.

The learning environment provided by Raffles has been proved to lead to successful careers through educational experiences that promote social responsibility, professional excellence for employability, analytical thinking for problem-solving, creativity to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

A firmly rooted belief in Raffles is that success is not a coincidence, as “Success is by Design”. Raffles graduates with their distinct qualities easily sets them apart from other peers as assets to employers and as individuals who are ready to compete in the global market.

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